When you build your new home, the Wellington building company you choose to work with is critical. It’s just as  important as the design and the section choice.

Why it’s important

Choosing an experienced Wellington building company that can offer advice and cost cutting options is what every new home builder wants. A building company that can help you find the right section to build on is a great start. You want them to also take your lifestyle wants and needs and develop a fitting house design.

Wellington building company offer

When choosing a builder, the cheapest option might not always be the best choice, and maybe the most expensive one might not be either. Builders with very low prices may not be able to properly deal with unforeseen issues during the building process. They use “unexpected variations” as a buzz word to charge you more for plan changes.

The choice of poor building materials may also mean that your home is not built to the best quality. This can require long term maintenance and in a short space of time after building. Your home may eventually become a problem building with constant costs just to keep it livable.

Research your Wellington building company

It’s always better to research your builder, ask for recommendations and speak to previous clients. This will help you gauge how reliable and trustworthy the builder is and give you an idea of what to expect during your building process. Check with your builder what systems they have in place to ensure your project is managed well and that your deadline and budget requirements can be met.

Let the builder also give you an idea of when they can start with your project. Waiting months to start building due to backlog is not ideal. There’s a chance it could add to costs as material prices can increase.

When you choose to partner to partner with Build7, you’re dealing with a reliable Wellington building company. We can understand your vision and be on hand from the initial consultation right through to the completion of your home. We are experienced Wellington builders, so get in touch with us today to get started.

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