In previous years, there was an explosion of new house bathroom design over social media. Some of the biggest trends we saw included elegant brass fixtures, modern minimalistic glass, beautiful marble counters and even retro subway tiles.

This year the trends look just as hopeful.

Our design experts are predicting 2017 to be a year of personality and quirky accessories, texture and colour. Many of these trends have been incorporated into our Wellington design and build service. Imagine combinations of colour-rich wallpaper, stylish tile patterns, and unique statement furniture. All of these design trends can convert a regular, boring everyday room into a sanctuary for creativity and imagination.

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Use lots of colour

Last year it was common to see subtle splashes of colour. This year we see more people using colours that are taking the entire new house bathroom design. The most popular theme is Greenery – consisting of a combination of jade, grass and lime. These all greatly complement brass fittings and accents of bright white.

Strategic lighting

Strategically-placed lighting continues to be a trend just like the previous year. The main reason for this is that homeowners are discovering the benefits proper placement of lights has. For example, strategically installing strips of LED lighting is an effective, economical way to convert a bland bathroom into a true oasis. With its multiple settings you can set the hue to a relaxing, basic warm.

Unique tiles

Mediterranean and Moorish motifs are a heavy inspiration when it comes to tiles. These designs usually show printed cement tiles and are used to complement combinations of either black and white or blue and white. The appearance they have particularly accentuates the visual appearance to mostly white bathrooms.

Statement pieces in your new house bathroom design

If creating a bathroom design that is distinctive is important to you, consider adding space for statement furniture. You can easily achieve this by adding unique furnishing – such as hand-painted tiles, custom-designed vanities or even hand-crafted lights. These can all be tailored specifically for your intended space.

The key thing to avoid for achieving that unique look is factory-produced furnishings. Instead, opt for pieces that are individually-designed to create a unique look.

If you are building a house in the Wellington region, then all of these tips can be very helpful for the design of your new house bathroom design. But even better, call Build7. We are Wellington builders who provide interior a design and build service as part of what we do.

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