When looking to build a new home in the Wellington region that is stylish and functional, here are a few design and build tips to help you plan the home of your dreams. Of course these are just suggestions. Every home we build has different requirements. And you as the client will have a different approach and different style.

Get in touch with Build7 Wellington. We’d like to hear your ideas and show you tons more design and build tips and solutions that have worked for other clients from the Kapiti Coast to the Hutt Valley. We can also show you floor plans as a starting point.

Our list of design and build tips

Get rid of clutter: Build rooms with hidden storage. Also include functional storage spaces so that clutter can be put away. This gi, giving smaller rooms a neater, larger, more open feel. Shelving, wardrobes, built in desk spaces, cupboards, pantries and more can all improve the look and feel of a new home.

Use the open plan layout: Open floor plans give your home versatility. It also gives a freedom you can’t achieve from walled in living spaces. Combining a number of living areas into one big space allows for easy entertaining. It’s also very functional for day to day family living. It allows the family to spend time together even when busy with different tasks in the space.

design and build tips contact wellingtonKeep it timeless: While some people prefer an all new contemporary look, times do change.  The key to ensuring your house does not look dated in a few years is to combine the traditional with the contemporary. You can blend classic features along with more modern styles and accessories to ensure a timeless feel to your new home. Blend the two styles along with your unique tastes to give it that personal flavour and style.

Brighten it up: Maximising the use of natural light contributes to a light, airy feel in your home. Adding in large windows, skylights, sliding doors and glass panel doors reduces the power bill as well as making your home appealing and bright.

Bathrooms should be functional:  Bathrooms need not be huge to appear spacious. The clever use of mirrors, light colours, glossy tiles and built in storage can ensure your bathroom feels open and uncluttered while not taking up more space in your home than is necessary.

Fittings and fixtures: Decide on the design and feeling you want each room to have before the home is completed. Choose your flooring, storage, tiles, paint, taps and other sanitary ware, appliances, door knobs and handles, counter tops and lighting. These make your home unique and to suit your personal style. Blend your various features to bring everything together for beautiful, functional rooms.

Street Appeal: For most people, the exterior of your home is all they will see. And to others it is the first impression they will get of your home. It is important to select the features for the outside of your home as well as those within. Choose the surfaces, colours and materials used to blend well with the rest of your features. It is always good if the home fits in well in the area and looks awesome from the roadside as well.

For a more customised list of Wellington design and build tips, please get in touch. We are design and build Wellington specialists. You can learn more about us here. We’d love to chat about your next home build and show you how we can help.

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