For your new Wellington home, the house plans you choose are very important. Choosing right can mean that your home is maximised for comfortability and personalised for your family. Here are some of our suggestions to get it right:

Our tips for selecting house plans

1. First, think about how you’d like the overall design style of your home to be. Choose a floor plan based on whether you prefer open plan or compartmentalized rooms.

2. Match the size of the home to your family’s requirements. Look at future needs as well when deciding how many rooms, bathrooms and family rooms you need. Do you need extra rooms for guests? How large should your kitchen be? Do you need added utility rooms such as a laundry or scullery?

3. Choose your house style to match the property topography as well. Do you need a single or double story? What will fit into the landscape shape? What style would you prefer?

4. Decide on your priorities. If you are going with an open plan approach, you might want to limit it to the living areas and keep certain rooms sectioned off. An entertainment area adjoining the TV room might not be conducive to a happy home. Decide what is important and incorporate this into your house plans.

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5. When working on the structure of your home, ignore the finishing at this point. Look at the flow of the home and where each room is situated in order to avoid congestion in your home. Fixtures and fittings can be decided on later.

6. Use a professional to help you understand the layout. What is and isn’t possible? You might even want to choose from a pre-drawn plan and make minor alterations to suit your needs instead.

7. Make sure you take into account the potential growth of your family in to your house plans. Small children eventually become teens that need their own space. Your parents may need to move in when they retire or you may have other special needs.

8. If you’re keeping your existing furniture, make sure that the items will fit into the space they need to. Design to accommodate what you have or plan to purchase new furniture to fit the space.

9. If you can’t find pre-drawn house plans that work for your needs, perhaps you should look at using a customised floor plan. They’re drawn to your exact specifications and requirements and taking into account any special needs your family may have.

At Build7 Wellington, we have many options for your new house plans. We offer a free design service, so your new home can be exactly tailored to your needs. We also have a portfolio of plans that you can choose from. Get in touch today to start your new project. You can also have a look at our house and land deals here. These can save you a lot of money.

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