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Our Build7 Wellington house plans have been designed to be stylish and practical. All of our designs and floor plans can be changed to match your requirements. Every house plan in our collection is carefully created to take advantage of space, light and the way the house flows from one area of the home to the next. Get in touch now to talk to us about these and other Wellington House Plans we have available and talk to us about our free design service.



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East Coast Bays

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Jade River

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Need a Section? See our House & Land Packages

If you’re looking for land in Wellington to build on, then take a look at our Wellington House and Land Packages that we have available right now. These packages have been carefully created so that the land and the house plans perfectly match.

Choosing a package deal can save time and money not only when it comes to your budget, but also with the total build time.

Talk to us to learn more.


House Plans FAQ’s

Get your questions about house plans answered

If you are building a new home in Wellington and looking at house plans, then you are what we call a Design and Build client. You have a few options available to you. Firstly you can provide us with your house plans or floor plans that you have already had done, and we can provide a quotation to build only.

Another option is our custom design, where our architects and designers develop a totally unique design based on your needs. We do not charge for house plans, but please contact us for more details and conditions.

Lastly you may find that one of our pre-designed Wellington House and Land Packages might be the perfect solution. These package deals can save time time and money because a lot of the preliminary work has already been done (including the house plans and floor plans).

Build7 Wellington’s free design service allows you to develop a house design and house plans at no cost. You get to work with our designers and architects to create a new home design that is completely unique. A one off. You’ll save thousands. To learn more about our free house plans and design service get in touch with us so we can explain the details.

Please contact us for pricing information. In each case the build-only price will depend on the section and other factors such as your location in the Wellington area.

Absolutely you can alter your house plans. It’s your new home, and you can have whatever you want! Many clients use our house plans as a starting point and then customise them to suit. It’s a very easy process and we can work with you. The final result that you achieve with the design of your new home will be unique, but you will have pulled ideas and concepts from a variety of sources using our plans, designers and architects.

Often changes to house plans simply require reorienting a design so that the overall look you want still works for you, but the house design now matches the section.

Yes we can help you to conceptualise your ideas. What we do is start by listening to your situation so we get an understanding of your lifestyle. This is a very important factor when it comes to home design and house plans. Your lifestyle will determine the placement of rooms and key areas and other important features. For example teenagers bedrooms may not work well in close proximity to the master bedroom.

The first thing to do is to get in touch. You are under no obligation, and we’re happy to help in any way that we can. Sometimes we talk to people who are just starting out on the journey to build a new house, and sometimes we simply provide a quote if you already have your house plans completed. Go ahead and contact us here.