In this article we explore the in’s and out’s of Home and Land Packages. If searching the possibility of building a new home in Wellington, then you will be familiar with the House and Land Package concept (different words but the same thing). Here are some points about this subject that may help you to decide if this option is for you.

Home and Land Packages are popular for a number of reasons. The idea is simple. Instead of having to go and find the right section that fits your criteria and ticks all the boxes and then separately setting out to design a house, these two things are combined and ready to go.

One often tricky aspect of building (or Design and Build as it’s called in the industry), is the daunting task of finding the land that suits you. Searching on your own can be challenging for some people. Getting educated about the requirements of a section may include engineering, geo-physical, earthworks, compliance and more. And while this can be a lot of fun for some people, many find this too risky to get right and just too hard!

Benefits of Home and Land Packages from Build 7 Wellington

One major benefit of an all-in-one deal is that generally the house design is specifically created to match the section it intends to be placed on. Factors include the topography or lay of the section and the aspect to get the most out of the sun.

home and land packages wellington plansPricing of packages is generally very keen and there can be real savings. But it’s not just savings in the budget, but savings in the time it takes from start to move-in date.

Wellington has its own particular geological challenges. There is variable geology let alone the earthquake considerations that have to be made. Doing this alone won’t always be fun.

One trap for people is the buying of a section on impulse, only later to find that the remediation work to be done to the land and foundations can blow the budget and make a house build project financially unfeasible. With home and land packages, that risk is reduced.

Other savings can be made too. Most Wellington building companies will charge several thousand dollars for a custom home design (Build 7 Welling doesn’t). But with a package deal, the design is already done specific to the section which can save you money.

Usually (but not always) any cosmetic or finishing touches can be made within the quoted price. And if you know what you want and your needs suit the design at the time, this is an advantage. Variations that include structural changes to the house will cost more. These changes could include adding another room or bathroom or a deck or outside entertainment area.

Just because you might want to make variations to the design doesn’t mean this option won’t work for you. It can still be great value to pay a little more to get what you ultimately want that fills the needs of a growing family.

Items such as landscaping and a driveway are usually included in the price which can also benefit the budget.

Home and Land packages are often part of a local property development project. They are priced at a level that is appropriate for the suburb or neighbourhood. That’s good news when it comes to certainty with your house valuation and your potential capital gains down the track. While you are free to spend millions on your home in an ‘average’ neighbourhood, package pricing will ensure that over-capitalisation is minimised.

At Build 7, we have several House and Land Packages in Wellington available all the time. But even if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can still create a package that you’ll love and that suits your level of funding.

If you’re looking for a Wellington building company that can actually work with you in the early stages and who is prepared to do the groundwork with you (at no extra cost), then why not get in touch?  Check out some of our listings and get in touch for an obligation-free discussion.

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