Design and build Wellington

Do it the right way, the first time

You’ve probably searched online for ‘ design and build Wellington ‘ and clicked on to this site. Thank you for reading this! To make sure that your new home is a success, the design needs to be right from the beginning. At Build7 Wellington, we won’t limit your options with standard plans that everyone uses.

We’ll customise the design to match your own lifestyle, and we’ll even do it for free. This happens when we arrange a meeting and ask questions about how you want your lifestyle to be. You can also see the house plans that we’ve given to other people.

There’s a good reason that we give you these house plans at no cost – we’re confident that they’ll be right. So let’s talk about your new design and build and how we can make it happen. Have a look at our Wellington house and land packages or go ahead and get in touch.


Yes! Free house plans

Unique house designs

At Build7 Design and Build Wellington, we don’t create one-size-fits-all houses. Each home we build is custom designed just for you.

And it gets better. Your initial house plans will be at absolutely no cost, so you can start your design and build journey sooner, without any stress. 

Our team of designers and architects will work closely with you to get your dream house in the perfect location. 


Interior design experts at your service

Bespoke advice

As a client of Build7 Design and Build Wellington, you get the opportunity to work alongside our real interior experts. Their main goal is to take your ideas and make the most of your space. 

You can sit down with the designers and brainstorm all possible colours, materials and textures. This makes sure that your own personal style is incorporated into your home. 

It’s easy to get thing started. We can connect you with our Design and Build Wellington specialists to get you closer to that dream home. 


Your own design & build team

Your vision comes to life

You get paired up with one of our architects who will take you through the design phase of your project. They’re carefully selected to match you, once we’ve learned about your situation. 

We know our designers’ strengths, so we can be sure that you’ll get what you want. That’s just one thing that sets us apart from other building companies. 


Our own personal guarantee

Protection you can rely on

We want to ensure the quality during the design and build process of your new home. That’s why we offer all of our clients extra security. It’s called the “Safe Hands Guarantee” – a warranty that covers your new home for 10 years, eliminating any worries.

From the suppliers and designers, to the sub-contractors and tradespeople – we make sure that everyone involved with your design and build is an expert. You also get the chance to deal with these people directly.  We actually encourage it. That way, you’re able to make tweaks at any time and you always know what’s going on.

It’s easy to get things started. And with our design and build Wellington process, it can really be fun! Get in touch with us so we can have a chat and explain how it all works.


The Build7 design and build process

Your new home comes to life 

Our design and build process has been tried and tested. Let us explain it to you in more detail, so we can get you on the way to your dream lifestyle. It’s easy to understand and you’ll have full control without the hassle.