When you’re looking to buy a section, whether it be in Wellington or anywhere in NZ, it can be quite tricky. A bad purchase can end up increasing your building costs.  There are a number of things to consider when purchasing a section to make sure you don’t end up with  anything unexpected.

Most people put a lot of thought and effort in to the design of the home they want built. But, most people don’t spend as much time considering the piece of land.  The section can have a number of influences on the type of home that can be built. Make sure you have the right section for your home, or build your home to suit the section you have.

Think about the entrance

Some of the main things to look at would be the entrance or driveway to your property. Drainage and council regulations will have a lot to do with this could also influence the placement of a garage. Another important consideration is how level the land is. If you need to level the property or use retaining walls in order to build, this can add a lot to your costs.

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What direction does the property face? If possible, choose a property that is orientated to allow you to make use of natural light and air.


Utilities such as sewerage lines can also have an impact on where and how you build your home. Your available area could be reduced by the placement of these types of facilities. Your storage areas and swimming pool would also be impacted by underground piping.

If this isn’t checked beforehand, you might have costly design changes to your home. Check the quality of the soil to make sure you don’t have issues when building. Poor quality soil can result in more expensive foundations, retaining and other changes to your proposed building.

Buy a section with the experts

It’s very important that you consult with professionals when you buy a section. If you already have a chosen builder, have him look at the land and advise you before you purchase so that there are no unexpected financial shocks later.

At Build7, we can advise on the suitability of your land and design choices before you buy a section. We’re Wellington builders with the necessary knowledge and experience. So, we can even help you to negotiate the land price with the vendor or real estate agent. We even offer this as a free service.

If you’re currently looking to buy a section then get in touch with us. You can also have a look at our Wellington house and land listings.

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