If you are looking to build a house in Wellington and want to know the benefits of buying an existing property, then read on. Most of the benefits are around meeting your current and future needs, matching your lifestyle and having a warranty.

When you use a Wellington Builder like Build7, you get to design it exactly as you want it. You’re not stuck with the previous owner’s choices. You not only get to choose the house design, you also get to choose all the fixtures and finishes. You have control over paint, appliances, flooring, counters, cupboards and more. You make it your own when you add your own style.

You get to choose the layout of the rooms. Decide what room goes where and the sizes and functions of them. You can choose between having built in features or an open plan design to allow more freedom. Building your own home gives you the choice.

Build a house in Wellington for peace of mind

When you build a house in Wellington as brand new,  you’re covered by a 10 year warranty for a period of time. This allows you to rest assured that you’re covered if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, no such guarantee exists when purchasing an existing house. There are also less maintenance requirements on a new home. The better materials available means that you shouldn’t have much maintenance for a few years, where an older house can require constant upkeep.

build a house in wellington designThere are many energy saving devices that you can include in a brand new home. While it is possible to replace some components of an older house for energy efficiency, it can be very costly. Especially if you need to rip out windows and doors to replace them with double glazing and insulation. With a new build, these features can be installed from the very start.

When walking into the home that you have designed and built to reflect your lifestyle and tastes cannot be compared to walking into a newly purchased home that belonged to someone else. An older home reflects the previous owners and tenants dreams and tastes, and not your own. Make new memories in a freshly built home of your choice!

Build7 are local Wellington builders. We cover all of the Wellington region including the Kapiti Coast, Porirua and the Hutt Valley. We build custom homes that are designed specifically for you. We also have a range of house and land packages that are designed to be affordable. Get in touch now for a free consultation.

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