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Why move to Wellington?

Why move to Wellington? We reckon that Wellington is the place to be. The heart of NZ’s film industry, the seat of its government, with more cafes and restaurants per capita than New York, this city is beloved by its half a million inhabitants. Recently voted the ‘Coolest little Capital in the World’, this city [...]

Why move to Wellington?2017-07-18T09:59:02+12:00

Home and Land Packages Explained

In this article we explore the in's and out's of Home and Land Packages. If searching the possibility of building a new home in Wellington, then you will be familiar with the House and Land Package concept (different words but the same thing). Here are some points about this subject that may help you to [...]

Home and Land Packages Explained2017-08-29T16:09:03+12:00

Selecting the right Wellington building company

When you build your new home, the Wellington building company you choose to work with is critical. It's just as  important as the design and the section choice. Why it's important Choosing an experienced Wellington building company that can offer advice and cost cutting options is what every new home builder wants. A building company that can [...]

Selecting the right Wellington building company2017-05-30T14:57:08+12:00

Buy a section in Wellington and build

When you're looking to buy a section, whether it be in Wellington or anywhere in NZ, it can be quite tricky. A bad purchase can end up increasing your building costs.  There are a number of things to consider when purchasing a section to make sure you don't end up with  anything unexpected. Most people put [...]

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Choosing the right house plans

For your new Wellington home, the house plans you choose are very important. Choosing right can mean that your home is maximised for comfortability and personalised for your family. Here are some of our suggestions to get it right: Our tips for selecting house plans 1. First, think about how you'd like the overall design [...]

Choosing the right house plans2017-05-05T18:03:02+12:00

New house bathroom design 2017

In previous years, there was an explosion of new house bathroom design over social media. Some of the biggest trends we saw included elegant brass fixtures, modern minimalistic glass, beautiful marble counters and even retro subway tiles. This year the trends look just as hopeful. Our design experts are predicting 2017 to be a year of [...]

New house bathroom design 20172017-04-27T15:28:44+12:00

Build a house in Wellington vs buying

If you are looking to build a house in Wellington and want to know the benefits of buying an existing property, then read on. Most of the benefits are around meeting your current and future needs, matching your lifestyle and having a warranty. When you use a Wellington Builder like Build7, you get to design it [...]

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Personalising your new home build

By personalising your new home build you can make your house into a home. With your personal touches, your house can seem warmer and more inviting. We've got some tips so you can customise your home with your own style. Build7 Wellington offers an interior design service that helps to bring your ideas to life when it [...]

Personalising your new home build2017-04-12T16:24:56+12:00

How to create indoor outdoor balance

When done correctly, the indoor outdoor balance can be the most effective feature of a house. It can also be a great selling point to increase the value of a home. If you’re planning on building a new house in Wellington, or you just want to make some improvements, then enhancing your indoor outdoor flow will help. It doesn't [...]

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Reasons to build a custom home in Wellington

There are many reasons why you should build a custom home in Wellington. This method has huge advantages over buying a pre-built home. You get to tailor not only the house, but also the land to match your family's lifestyle. Picking a company that has experience in custom home building is essential. It means that your home will [...]

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Build a home in Wellington and use our free service

You have decided to build a home.  Congratulations! Selecting who is going to design your new dream home is a pivotal decision you need to nail early on in your planning. Will it be a custom home design and build company, or an architect? There's good news. You don't have to choose either/or.  Build7 Wellington's [...]

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