You have decided to build a home.  Congratulations! Selecting who is going to design your new dream home is a pivotal decision you need to nail early on in your planning. Will it be a custom home design and build company, or an architect?

There’s good news. You don’t have to choose either/or.  Build7 Wellington’s in-house team of architects and designers can get the custom house plans and design you want.  You won’t have to face the expense of using a traditional local architect.

When you are ready to build a home, you’ll get a home that is tailored to your section.  And it will have your current and future must-haves and wish list factored in.

Wellington Builders designAn architecturally designed home is one that can be admired; it will enhance your daily life and be a welcome addition to your local area.

There is a known drawback to working with an architect that you won’t experience with Build7.  It is the increase in time and cost with the process of developing your house plans. From that you’ll anticipate a home that is the result of skillful thinking and experience.  This will give you a fresh and pleasurable environment to live, in keeping with your surroundings.

From the start one of the most critical items to be up front about is your budget.  You’ll want to choose a local builder who has an integrated home design department as part of their service.

Doing this really does minimise your costs. It’s mainly because when dealing with Build7, the initial house design plans are free.  They cost nothing.

The managed way to build a home

Using Build7 to build a home saves on having to engage a project manager yourself.  The supervision of tradespeople and the management of building materials are critical.  This can be handled for you. A competent designer at Build7 will also take responsibility for a number of things.  These include ensuring the key principles of look and feel, functionality, and environmental awareness are effectively applied to your home.

There are benefits to choosing a custom home design and build company.  They typically have their own architect, or they have selected an external architect they work closely with.  They are meticulous at making sure the dollars and cents work throughout a project.

Build7 provides both of these essential elements as a proven and successful package says Wellington owner, Sovann Un.

“Our clients benefit from a bespoke, architecturally designed home.  And with our company appointed as the lead builder and with a clear budget, the responsibility is ours to keep to those agreed costs,” says Sovann.

“The bottom line is we have to build the home to the budget, otherwise the build is a no go.”

“Build7 has a highly skilled team and established systems.  This takes our clients through a robust selections and pricing process,” says Sovann. “This frees up the architect to concentrate on their key expertise – creating and designing.”

Sovann says from the outset, Build7 guides clients on setting pragmatic budget levels to match the vision they ultimately want to realise with their dream home.

“If need be, we can provide other options to make sure our clients still achieve the home that’s perfect for them,” says Sovanne. “This expert guidance saves wasting hard-earned money, precious time and a heap of stress.”

Build7 partners with just one architect for all of their projects. If need be they’re also well-practised at working with other architects when clients request a particular preference.

Every build begins and ends with Build7 and this is a tremendous advantage of working with the company. This cuts out the frustration factor of engaging and liaising with a myriad of tradespeople and suppliers. Build7 also manages the majority of council enquiries.

Commonly, when people want to build a home they will select an architect over a building company.  Why?  Because they believe only architects are able to deliver an exclusive home.  This is simply not true.  Individual desires and needs can be easily incorporated into any house design.

Build7 are widely recognised as a market leader for custom home design and builds.  They are Wellington builders who offer the complete package whether design and build or house and land packages. They’ll marry your must-haves with your desires, be bang on with your budget, and deliver you a home that you will simply fall in love with.

Want to know more?  Go ahead and get in touch.