There are many reasons why you should build a custom home in Wellington. This method has huge advantages over buying a pre-built home. You get to tailor not only the house, but also the land to match your family’s lifestyle.

Picking a company that has experience in custom home building is essential. It means that your home will be efficiently and properly built and is a wise investment. You’ll want a home that provides comfort for a long time and comes with minimal maintenance costs.

build a custom home in Wellington

Our team of experienced architects, designers and builders are here to help you make that dream house come to life. At Build7, we will work with you – right from designing the first blueprint to the end of construction.

Only custom-built homes are able to perfectly complement your everyday lifestyle and match your specific needs. From the floor plan to the material used for construction, you have control over everything.

The most obvious and most important advantage when you build a custom home in Wellington is the power of choice. You’re given the ability to choose your own appliances and the design of your cabinetry. You decide what trim to use and the color of it; the possibilities are endless.

Build a custom in Wellington and save

It’s a popular belief that the ability to choose adds to the overall cost, but this isn’t true. We will guide you through the entire process to make sure that everything falls into your budget.

Would you rather live in a neighborhood or a more secluded area? The choice is yours. Having the ability to choose the section of land is just as important as the house you put on it. You can achieve that perfect scenery or level of privacy that you’ve always wanted.

You also have the ability to oversee the entire design and construction process. So you can be confident that you won’t be running the risk of maintenance issues later that are common among many pre-built homes.

At Build7, our Wellington builders will make sure that your custom home is properly and efficiently built from start to finish. Our passion and experience in home building will result in top quality and workmanship for your dream home. Contact us to find about our free design service.

build a custom home in Wellington